Multidisciplinary Art director/Graphic Artist focusing on branding, UX, experiential, and digital creations. 
I love to guide brands into a visual discovery of their core values. Highly adept in creating eye-catching artwork and design to develop and reflect the actual brand's identity. I am skilled in collaborating with company founders, marketers, developers, architects, interior/graphic designers, musicians, and illustrators to create compelling brand strategies continually adapting to new business needs.
When creating a new identity or rebranding, all aspects of the physical locations and products get embedded in the visual executions and carefully adapted to a timeless design aesthetic that can flow from digital to physical experiences without hindering possible new revenue areas the future. 
I use my Fine Arts Printmaking, sketching, and experimental media approach to design in a clean aesthetic adapting to a broad spectrum of styles.
Digital activations 
Digital trends come and go, but a brand voice should adapt to fast-changing innovations while staying honest. Creating targeted activations from a simple GIF to full video production, I will guide the client through a metric-based approach to better suit their needs.
Finding solutions for unusual complex U/X problems is essential; each brand is different and requires an independent study trough analytics to find answers between arguments and facts tailored for the client.
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